Brass Alloy Training Bitt 18 mm


Shires Brass Alloy Training Bit Loose Ring Snaffle 18 mm Mouthpiece. The Training bit is a double jointed bit that acts on the tongue and the bars of the mouth. The double joint eliminates the nutcracker and palate action of a single jointed bit and instead applies pressure to the horse’s tongue.

The Loose Ring Snaffle is ideal for horses with a tendency to lean on the rein; the loose rings of the bit provide more movement than a fixed cheek bit and allow the rider to move the bit more in the horses mouth preventing the horse from leaning and grabbing hold of the bit as easily.

A medium width brass alloy training bit designed to encourage the horse to soften. Mouthpiece thickness: 18 mm. Cheek height: 65 mm.

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The Shires Bit is made with a brass alloy to produce a more palatable bit that is warmer in the mouth than stainless steel for the horse and helps to encourage acceptance and salivation. Copper is alloyed with brass to produce a durable metal bit.



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